Wholesale line rental

Coltel has helped many Scottish businesses save money on calls and line rental. Our access to market-leading rates enables us to provide a second-to-none service when it comes to fixed line telecoms. Speak to us today and we can help you identify where your business can make savings.

We can help with analogue, ISDN 2e, ISDN 30e, SIP or GSM based lines and work closely with Scottish service provider Highnet and BT Openreach to bring you low cost, reliable lines with no fuss. We’ve helped many customers organise their telecoms including new installs, broadband and ADSL installation, re-numbers, internal shifts, moving premises and like for like transfers. Our staff have significant experience in dealing directly with British Telecom and their subsidiary companies and can help your business safely navigate the minefield that is fixed-line telecoms.

In addition to working directly with service providers, Coltel can help with low-cost monthly billing offering unbeatable service and price combination for support, rental and call packages. We also have direct access to BT’s Wholesale Line Rental Fault reporting system, enabling us look after your telecoms interests from start to finish.

The Coltel team can also help you with internal extension wiring and testing, line and junction boxes, NTE and filter faults, signal issues, NTTP repairs, external bells and sirens, answering systems, DECT Handsets and stations, outdoor access and ruggedized equipment, switches, patch panels and cabinets.


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