Vehicle hands free

Today’s Law:
“If you are proven to have been using your hand held telephone whilst driving the penalty will be a minimum of £60 and 3 points on your driving licence.

If you are deemed to have been driving dangerously because you are using your handheld mobile phone the consequences can be very much more serious for you and for unlucky third parties, which by then may have become involved in your accident”.

There is no need to ever be caught in this situation when Coltel can supply you quickly and easily with a full hands free kit for your car.

Choose from:

  • Fitted charging cradles
  • Fitted Bluetooth kits, including the full parrot Bluetooth range
  • Factory fitted Bluetooth installations correctly set up and paired with your own telephone.

In addition to the hands free capability many kits now enable your personal music collection to be played through the vehicle audio system using a variety of connection options including MP3, iPod etc.

Coltel has a team of highly experienced mobile engineers who can install hands free kits and accessories at your place of work, our workshops or even your home. Call us and let us discuss your needs and your Coltel hands free mobile phone solution.


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